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What is the first most important thing for success in sales – the location of course. It means your shop is being based on the busiest place!  We offer you to turn your shop into the “Mall of online sales” – with the help of SEO Optimization.

We are Optimystica and we promise to you optimistic results for your business. They will come after bringing your website to the first positions on Google.

The algorithms of the Engines are mystic, they change constantly and no one ever knows exactly how they work. We have 252 SEO advices and certain actions by which we are able to bring out the web pages on top positions. We have already done this for many of our customers and we will do it for you as well.

Our main goal is not only to do SEO Optimization, but also to make your customers enter your shop and buy. Together we are going to build an individual SEO Marketing Strategy, according to your business model, product range, pricing policy, competition, target audience desirable results.

Call us now to talk with you about the optimization of your business model, taking your website to number 1 on Google and making your company a leader between your competitors in Internet.

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Book Rank #1 on Google

Are Your Customers Online?

People always search in internet before making a purchase. 95% of them visit the first three websites. Sites located on the second page in the search engines have less than 1% of the traffic. Therefore, if your website is not on one of the first positions on Google, you practically do not exist for them.

In our book you will find 252 steps*, which will help you to get your website on the top in Google. You will learn everything about how to use keywords, work on the website’s code, set URL addresses and metadata, organize the content and structure organization, make website relations, link building from other sites, sharing in Social Media and many more.

The book is appropriate for SEO specialists and entrepreneurs who need to optimize the SEO Marketing of their business.

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  • SEO
    300 month
    • Website analysis via 252 factors
    • Content management
    • Link building plan
    • Selection and analysis
      of the keywords
    • Practical training of your team
    • Recommendations aboutthe architecture of the website
    • Monthly consulting
      and supervisingof performance
    500 month
    • Creating SEO Strategy
    • Link building
    • Website Restructuring
    • Technical Improvement
    • Оptimizing 4 keywords
    • Adjustment of the current content
    • Content and Editing
    • Content management
    • Reports for rising the rank and increasing of traffic

For maximum results in long term, Optimystica recommends working with the suggested programs at least 1 year. In case you are willing to receive a SEO Optimization price, which fits to you most, call us now!

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