Join Our Team

We want the team of Optimystica to become bigger and better. That’s why we always look for the most talented employees among these 4 following fields:

  • New Business Developer – these are the people who find companies willing to be on first position on Google. We help these companies to improve their performance in Internet and earn more through it.
  • SEO Expert – they are the experts that analyze our customer’s condition via the complete SEO checklist and create the entire strategy for solving its problems and integrate good practices that will help companies to be ranked on top of Google.
  • Copywriter – our copywriters are the ones that create an unique, thematic and interesting content for our customers, according to the established SEO rules.
  • Account – the account’s role is to make sure that the customers are pleased and everyone from our team is working harmoniously towards their needs.

If you think yourself for an exclusive new business developer, copywriter, SEO expert or account, we look forward to receive your CV on e-mail.

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