Questions and Answers about SEO

Can’t I optimize my website on my own? Why do I need to use a SEO company?

Of course you can optimize your website, but if you are not familiar with the principles and the latest tendencies in the field it would be better to entrust some experienced specialists. It is very possible that you can climb Mount Everest alone but if you do not have that much experience which is required it is better for you to get a guide.

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How much time does it take to get a website optimized?

This entirely depends on the competitive keywords you want to rank the website with, on the current status of the site, its size and many other factors that we can analyze for you. The first results can be seen right after 2-3 months, but permanent position in the top results can talk at the end of the first year. In any case, it is good to keep in mind that it is very likely for companies that offer quick results from SEO optimization to use some techniques that work in short term, but if it comes to the long run they will almost certainly lead to „punishment“ from Google and even the total exclusion of site from the results.

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I have a small business, does it make any sense optimizing my website?

The small companies are exactly the ones who can win over the big by SEO Optimization! There is no need to be invested in new subjects or television commercial in Internet. It is sufficient to determine the exact words that your customers will use to find you and to take the first position on Google at the same time – something that we will help you do.

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I used the services of a company for SEO optimization, but I’m not satisfied. How are you better than them?

You have complete control over what work is done for your website with us. We prepare a detailed SEO audit of your website via 252 factors and provide you a comprehensive SEO Strategy. It clearly describes every step that need to be taken for achieving better results – detailed Link Building Plan, directions to your programmers for any changes in the CMS system, restructuring the site, defining keywords according to traffic and ranking of competitors, instructions for creating new content and promotion through the Social Channels. It will also train your employees how to optimize your site – what to watch for and what to focus on. So even after the end of our work this know-how will stay in your organization and you will use it.

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What is SEO Optimization and how it might help my business?

SEO is a process where changes are made to the site in a way that it becomes “likeable” for search engines like Google, to take the first places by using the keywords that we expect to be searched with from our potential customers. For this purpose adjustments in the content and metadata are made, keywords are being analyzed and new ones were added, if necessary the overall architecture of the site changes, links between the different pages are created and a new content is being published. Ranking on first places on Google’s results means that more people are interested in what you offer; they want to learn about you and come into your site. This presumes more sales and higher profits.

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What kind of techniques for Optimization do you use?

Optimystica uses only WhiteHat techniques (these are “allowed” by the search engines). Using BlackHat techniques such as artificial creation of too many inbound links or links from risky sites may lead to short-term results, but always leads to punishment by Google – the website to be displayed on much lower positions or even to be excluded from the results.

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Why an optimization for Google? Is your SEO Optimization only for Google?

Speaking of SEO Optimization we are speaking mostly of optimization for Google. This is because Google is the most used search engine in most parts of the world (excluding countries such as Russia, China, Japan and Hong Kong). In Bulgaria, Google is used on average about 8-9 out of 10 searches).

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