The SEO Optimization results do not show up immediately, but after months of systematic and consistent work. That’s why the coordinated efforts of programmers, copywriters, designers and optimization experts are required. Serious SEO Optimization could not appear without a clear plan – what we want to achieve and how exactly are we going to reach it. It is called SEO Strategy.

The professional SEO Strategy includes an entire analysis of your website – analysis of the competitors’ websites strategy, defining Keywords, creating an oriented SEO content, restructuring the website and its internal links, working code, changes in the CMS System, planning the link building and generating social signs, removing links from risk sites and etc. In order to significantly improve ranking of the website, in the written strategy which you are going to receive there will be all the necessary steps that need to be taken described in details.

The SEO Strategy is based on 252 factors described in the book ‘Rank no.1 on Google’ and it includes:
• Website Analysis via 252 Factors
• Content management
• Link building plan
• Analysis and selection of keywords
• Practical trainings for your team
• Recommendations for optimization of the website’s architecture
• Monthly consulting and supervising of performance

When you already have your SEO Strategy, you can entrust its implementation to us or apply it independently as you rely on our current consultations and monitoring process for optimization.

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