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SEO services Cardiff

SEO services Cardiff from Optimystica We’re Optimystica and we’ve ranked Allianz, AVIS, Subway and 300 other small and medium-sized businesses to the #1 spot on Google. If you’d like your website to rank #1, you could contact us with contact form below or at +359 888 455 055 MORE CLIENTS THROUGH SEO SERVICES CARDIFF  WHO […]

4 ways to improve your event SEO

When we are talking about events, social media marketing is usually preferred to SEO. And there is a logilcal reason for that. Most people see the search engine optimization as a long term strategy for improving one site‘s search rankings. On the other hand, social media is the place for ‚quick wins‘ and gaining a […]

Why is my website not getting enough traffic?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions in the popular SEO forums. Today we are going to try to give you an answer, although it will not be a simple one. Things like quality of content. usage of keywords as well as the characteristics of the certain website play a big role for […]

How to improve your SEO copywriting

No matter how much the SEO methods and strategies change over time, the aim of the copywriters remains the same: to create interesting and unique content. You have to remember that when dealing with keywords, search engine rankings, etc. Focus on the customers because they are the ones who will be purchasing your products, sharing […]

Top SEO myths you should not trust (part 2)

Link building is a thing of the past – maybe that is true about manipulative link building methods such as buying links. If you do not want to get a manual action, you‘d better avoid these tricks. However, high quality links from reputable sites are still needed. Just be sure to aim for the sites […]

Top SEO myths you should not trust (part 1)

SEO has become a main part of any online marketing strategy. More and more businesses around the world use it for building sustainable traffic. However, there are still many untruthful myths about the common SEO methods. Today we are going to review some of them in order to prevent mistakes and misunderstandings. So, are you […]

The future of SEO – trends you need to pay attention to (part 2)

Impact of long-form content – it will certainly guarantee your website a better performance in the search results. But what does exactly the term ‚long-form content‘ mean? Well, we are talking about texts or articles which contain more than 2,000 words. This is something many marketers started a few years ago in order to achieve […]

The future of SEO – trends you need to pay attention to (part 1)

Like every other business process, SEO is evolving continuously in order to meet the new technological tendencies and user behaviours. You have to be well aware of these changes if you want to keep the positive impact on your website. That is why today we are going to share with you the latest SEO trends […]

Local SEO – what it is and why you need it

Local SEO is becoming one of the main components to every company and brand that pursues long-term success across search engines. By using it, you can grow your business and make more money. But what does exactly the term ‚local SEO‘ mean? In this article we are going to share with you all the information […]

Top benefits of SEO for your website

SEO is becoming more and more popular as an online marketing strategy because of its effectiveness for businesses and websites. But what are the certain benefits you receive from using it? In this article we are going to reveal how does SEO help your site exactly. So, let‘s start: Bigger traffic – of course, the […]

SEO steps to take after you launch a new website

You‘ve had a marvelous business idea, registered your domain name and started to build a website? Well, ranking your brand new website is not going to be an easy job at all. However, it is not impossible either if you follow the right SEO steps. Let‘s see exactly what they are: Optimize with keywords – […]

Ideas to make your SEO campaign more effective

If you want the SEO optimization to bring you success, you have to use it in the right way. Because many entrepreneurs do not know exactly how this process works and make disappointing mistakes. Here are a few ideas we can give you to ensure your campaign is much more effective: Natural look – we […]

Small businesses don‘t have enough SEO knowledge

Last week a new survey developed by the Memphis-based marketing agency HigherVisibility revealed schocking results about the usage of SEO by small business owners. It seems that there are still many entrepreneurs who do not know what exactly does this term mean and why it is so important for their business activities. According to the […]

What Facebook page owners should know about SEO

Nowadays Facebook is becoming more and more important for our online business. However, if you want to have a popular and successful page in the social network, you have to know a few things about getting more traffic. Again the well-known and proven methods of SEO will come in handy. Let‘s see them: Select a […]

Some useful SEO tips for your website

SEO is a very important activity for everyone trying to get their website as high up as possible on the Google and Bing search-results pages. To improve your online appearance, you will have to follow a few important rules. Here are some of them: One primary topic – first of all, you have to choose […]

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