Online Advertising brought us many new customers and partners. It helped us to become a leader on the fast food market in Bulgaria. Thanks to our Online Marketing Consultants we are always one step ahead of our competitors.

Ivan Todorov, Subway Bulgaria

I was skeptical about this training, but my expectations were refuted. There were many new things, details that were eluded. I think this is very helpful and appropriate training for all. To me as a brand manager, it will help me demand the right things, to control whether the job that we pay for is qualitatively done.

Michail Russev, Brand Manager, Happy Bar & Grill

Google’s Optimization Training was very useful for me because my knowledge was basic. Before I only knew what is SEO and now I can do it. The detailed and clear explanations helped me understand the essence. Now I know what the main steps are and think I can do it. I recommend it, even to the beginners in the field.

Tsevatana Yotova, Allianz Bulgaria

The results of managing AdWords campaigns have surprised our expectations! The SEO Training was also extremely helpful to me. I have learned how to move our site to higher positions in Google search and permanently hold it there. I remembered many key things that I had began to ignore in time before. I recommend the Optimystica SEO Training to anyone who wants to be “in time” and to develop the capacity of their business, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by Google.

Martin Oresharsky, “Marketing and Sales” Expert, BORIKA BANK SERVICE

Our online consultants created individual SEO marketing strategies, which identified a number of problems hampering the better ranking of our 7 websites – the most widely read news site in Bulgaria – Dnes.bg, most authoritative source for financial and economic information – Investor.bg, the  popular sports website – Gol.bg, portal for active young women – Tialoto.bg. Unique of its kind and content are also our health portals with competent information from leading physicians – Puls.bg, as well as the e-magazine for the modern woman, wife and mother – Az-jenata.bg. Investor manages communication and largest community of young people online – Teenproblem.net.

Zhenya Stoyanova, Main statistics-analyzer, Investor.bg

Avis is one of the largest international companies for car rental in the world with over 5,200 locations in 160 countries. We work with an advertising agency and many marketing activities have been tested and recommended directly from our headquarters. We were recommended to start SEO Optimization of our website with a recommended company, but we decided that we must choose a Bulgarian company that knows well the specialties of the local market. We have our budget on Google AdWords and we are pleased with the results, so we decided to optimize our website for free search results at Google. The team of Optimystica has been consulting us and following the development of the site. We know how to optimize and other sites of the company. It takes time, but it is not so complicated and the results exceeded our expectations.

Svetoslav Yordanov, AVIS

For 6 months, we picked up organic traffic by 30%.Phone inquiries increased by 40% compared to the same period last year when we were not yet working with Optimystica.They give us a quick reply by email and phone to every question we ask.I also like how they watch us move, like metrics over previous periods and keep us informed about the results in a timely manner.We recommend them to any acquaintance / client who begins to complain about lacking enough customers.
Do not stop being responsive and good professionals!

Todor Duraliyski, Manager, NewFresh.org

Great thanks to the team of Optimystica for making me believe in the power and capabilities of SEO optimization.You are fulfilling your promises and I am sure that with your help we will be able to achieve an enviable position on our market.

Ani Chakarova, ADLbg.com

Big thanks to the whole team of Optimystica for the amazing work. They are all professionals and they definitely know what, when and how to do it.

Stanislav Kirilov, Play-hearts.com

After 1 year of working with Optimystica, I came in first place with 19 keywords. This allowed me to stop the AdWords ads for which I was giving $ 1500 / month and make the same turnover. I pay $ 300 / month for Optimystica.

At first, I was skeptical that it would have any effect, but I decided to give it a try and see what would happen. Good thing I made this decision because I am now saving $ 1200 / month.

I thought I would handle it myself, but they have a lot of technical knowledge and a lot of experience that helped me to win the competition.

Philip Hristov, Batterymarket.bg

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