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If your website has started to classify on low positions or it has been discredited by Google, we are going to help you state what the reasons are and we will give you referrals for your healthy and wise behavior as we restore the leading positions of your website.

There are 4 main reasons why such problems usually occur: by changing Google’s algorithms, by over-optimization of the web page, by using BlackHat techniques or by virus contraction. By the Panda Update for example many websites had significant fall in their positions and dropped out of Top 100.

If you are trying not to be discredited by Google the most important thing is to forget using forbidden BlackHat techniques, to optimize your webpage so that it is interesting and useful for people and not trying to deceive the engines. Therefore you shouldn’t put into your website links from bad web pages, shouldn’t go to the extremes with keywords etc.

The reason for a Google punishment could also be a simple infection – your website had contracted a virus. No matter what the reason for the website’s bad ranking on Google is, call us now to ensure the healthy life of your website and to gain many happy customers.

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