Rank #1 in Google 2019 (Bulgarian) is here!

Now with 252 steps for successful Search Engine Optimization

If you think your customers are online, then this book is just for you. Online marketing can transform your business and significantly increase your sales.

Google marketing is different from what you’ve done. Customers are searching online for information about products like yours. The optimization will help you win these customers and not wasting your advertising budget blindly.

The Fact that you are having a website is great, but how much do you gain from it? Over 99% of consumers do not pay attention to the results after the tenth, so if your site is not among the top results, it practically does not exist.

The book was adapted for Bulgaria by the team of Optimystica. We use at work all of the 252 techniques recommended in it, and thanks to them we are displaying the websites of many of our customers on first position on Google search. But the search engine algorithms evolve constantly – so we daily conduct additional SEO tests. For news and current changes in the World of Optimization stay tuned on www.optimystica.com.

Book Rank #1 on Google

Price and Delivery?

The price of the book at a discount is 21 BGN (Cover price 24 BGN).

The cost of delivery is 5 BGN to anywhere in Bulgaria.

If you would like to purchase a book with an invoice, contact us by phone 0884 725 333 or send us a request via the contact form.

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