What Facebook page owners should know about SEO

Nowadays Facebook is becoming more and more important for our online business. However, if you want to have a popular and successful page in the social network, you have to know a few things about getting more traffic. Again the well-known and proven methods of SEO will come in handy. Let‘s see them:

  1. Select a good page title – it is advisable to use the real name of your business. Avoid writing too long titles with all possible keywords included as they will harm the page‘s growth rate. If the title appears a bit spammy, fans wouldn‘t want to share the page with their friends and may hide your updates from the News Feed, too.
  2. The URL is also important – the URL (or Facebook username) gives you a good opportunity to include keywords for SEO optimization. You can combine them with the name of your business, thus creating an efficient SEO instrument.
  3. The ‚Info‘ tab – it has fields containing essential descriptive metadata about the page. You have to fill them out in order to increase your content score for many types of Google searches. For example, fields like ‚Address‘, ‚City‘ and ‚Zip code‘ are useful for local searches, while ‚Company overview‘ and ‚Products‘ do a good job for product searches.
  4. Links on your websites – you can post links to the page on all your websites. That will certainly help to boost its page rank. You can do it with the general text links or use the ‚Find us on Facebook‘ badge provided by the social network. The choice is all yours.
  5. Events, discussions and interesting content – and last but not least, the interesting content always brings good results. So, surprise your fans with something different. Create an event, make a discussion or share some ispiring stories. The more likes and comments you get, the better your Facebook page will develop.
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