The future of SEO – trends you need to pay attention to (part 2)

  1. Impact of long-form content – it will certainly guarantee your website a better performance in the search results. But what does exactly the term ‚long-form content‘ mean? Well, we are talking about texts or articles which contain more than 2,000 words. This is something many marketers started a few years ago in order to achieve higher rank and provide more value to their customers.
  1. Users become more important than bots – the future of SEO is not connected with making websites search-friendly. Now it‘s all about optimizing your content for users. So, you‘d better publish things which are easy to read and consume by people. That way your pages are going to be liked and shared more and will certainly improve their ranking.
  1. Significance of local SEO – like we said in one of our previous articles, local SEO is becoming vital for every company and brand that pursues long-term success across search engines. It helps them promote their products and services to local customers. The truth is millions of people utilise the net every day in order to find the most reliable businesses in their area. And Google is going to assist them by providing the proper results.
  1. Thinking about the mobile users – and last but not least, companies should think a lot more about the comfort and preferences of the mobile users when designing page layouts. You can be sure that the traffic from mobile devices is going to get bigger and bigger in the future. So, improve the mobile versions of your websites right away!


These are some of the main SEO trends which will have a significant impact on your online business in the next few months. Make sure you have understood them well and after that take all the necessary measures in order to keep up the good performance.

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